Everything escalated in summer 2017 when I left my well-paid job and became self-employed. But my new journey started a long time ago. The change came after fifteen years of active service for multinational companies in IT and Air transportation sectors, out of which I act ten beautiful years and three lovely months as a hiring manager. I met a lot of great people and worked with great professionals and importantly learned a lot, especially about hiring and selling. More I learned, more I was convinced selling and recruiting are very similar things. I was fascinated with similarities and decided to study it in University. I have my master degree in managing human resources. Regardless how awful it sounds, to see the human being only as a resource, I deepen my knowledge in the area of recruiting and coaching. 

University education, together with extensive hands-on practices helped me to understand many of particularities and specifics of the recruitment process. Later, I started transmitting my knowledge to my first clients.